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Burg Music&Dance Festival

Burg Music&Dance Festival
July 9, 2022
Castels Castle, Putz/Luzein - Prättigau
Beth Wimmer + Mike Bischof
Tribaluna Dancesisters + Luisa

Castels Putz Castle

Putzerstrasse, 7224 Putz


CHF 25.00 Box Office
CHF 20.00 Pre-order/reservation until 30.6.2022, email: juero@bluewin.ch
Young people up to 14 years of age free admission
Castels Putz Castle

Burg Music & Dance Festival
Burg Castels Putz/Prättigau (Luzein)
Saturday, July 9, 2022
In memoriam: Marc Hufnagl, poet and musician


Doors open: 17h
Grill and Fun: 17 to 19:30 Grill and drinks by Gastro-Putz,Concert

: 19:30 TribaLuna DanceSisters
19:45 Beth Wimmer & Mike Bischof
20:15 Luisa Mezenen: Dance Solo
20:30 Benjtaro
21:00 TribaLuna DanceSisters
21:15 Mojo Monkeys (main program)
to Open End

Admission: CHF 25 (box office)
CH 20 with pre-order/reservation until 30.6.2022
email juero@bluewin.ch
young people up to 14 years free

Music Performers:
Beth Wimmer & Mike Bischof Americana / Modern-Folk
Singer-Songwriter Beth Wimmer comes from the eastern United States and learned the musical craft in the vibrant scene of California. As a guitarist, bassist and background singer, Mike Bischof is one of the most sought-after sidemen in Switzerland. With his refined playing and harmony singing, he gives the dynamic songs of Beth Wimmer, who has been living in Switzerland for several years, an additional boost of emotional depth and atmosphere.

Guitarist Extraordinaire, takes his audience on a journey through blues, folk and rock improvisations and shows with his virtuosity how good it is to question one's own limits.

"Swamp-Rock" from Los Angeles. "Just try not to dance."
Their performances are pure dynamite and the atmosphere becomes energetic as soon as they enter the stage.
Three celebrated musicians, with the special notes of David Raven (lead singer, songwriter/standup drums), with deep roots in Americana music.
Best musical craft, composed of danceable, humorous music from the South of the USA. Soulful, rocky, bluesy, "swamp country rock". Selected sounds & rhythms that are good for the soul and at the same time go powerful in the legs.
Video - 'Get Gone' - youtu.be/qph5EZ7eY9k
Video - 'Sloughfoot Willie/Circuit Rider' - youtu.be/R8eo7RlHfrE

Dance Performers
TribaLuna DanceSisters – Tribal Style Dance
The TribaLuna DanceSisters meet regularly in the dance studio of Tanz-Dich-Frau in Worb to showcase their femininity with the Tribal Style Dance to strengthen and celebrate. They combine in their dance elements from different cultural dances (Oriental and Indian dance, flamenco...) and let them blossom into a new, powerful and magical dance. The partially improvised dances show the diverse aspects of being a woman - sometimes gentle or mystical, sometimes wild and cheeky. Pure danced women's power!

Luisa Mezenen – Solo Dance
As a solo dancer of Anasha-Di (Tribal Style Dance), Luisa fascinates with her very special performance through expression, passion and dynamics of primordial content in dance and movement

Marc Hufnagl, in Memoriam:
The Burg Festival 2022 is in memoriam of Marc A. Hufnagl (USA), poet and singer/songwriter. Marc lived here in Prättigau and initiated the Burg Concerts in 2018. He died of cancer last year in July. A great loss.
His music and voice, unique, unforgettable, live on.
*The prize from this event goes to the Marc Hufnagl Scholarship Fund for Young Talented Musicians


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