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Mountaineering village St. Antönien

St. Antönien im Winterkleid

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Ortstafel des Bergsteigerdorfes St. Antönien, im Hintergrund das Dorf

St. Antönien offers a stage for mountaineers, peace seekers and nature lovers in all seasons and nature lovers and nature-oriented tourism has a long tradition here. These are two of the reasons why St. Antönien is the first mountaineering village in Switzerland.

Being a mountaineering village is an award for the tireless commitment of the St. Antönier to a careful handling of nature, to a dynamic village with lived traditions and to an active social life. At the same time, it is a commitment to continue to take care of these values – so that St. Antönien remains livable and lovable.


International network of mountaineering villages

"Class instead of mass and enjoyment instead of hectic" is the motto of the mountaineering villages. They are small, quiet places where the awareness of the harmony between nature and man is alive and natural boundaries are respected. The great potential of the mountaineering villages lies in the originality, the high-quality natural and cultural landscape, the lived cultural values and traditions, the versatile mountain sports opportunities and the competence in nature-oriented tourism.

The initiative was launched in 2008 by the Austrian Alpine Club as an implementation project of the Alpine Convention and later successfully extended to other Alpine countries. Today it is a joint project of the Alpine Clubs of Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Switzerland. Together, they pursue the goal of making nature- and culture-oriented tourism in the Alps competitive and increasing the quality of life in the region. The careful handling of the mountain world is in balance with sustainable economic development. The mountaineering villages inspire each other with ideas and regularly exchange their experiences.

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Mountaineering Villages Partner Companies

Who does not know them – the exhausting search for a cozy home for the holidays.
Nice would be an inn in which the local color of the resort can be experienced, where breakfast buffet local products can be discovered, a careful handling of the environment is maintained and you get tips from the hosts on regional peculiarities and current mountain sports offers. All this is combined under one roof by the Mountaineering Villages partner companies. Throughout the Alps, it is a network with over 200 companies in 35 mountaineering villages.

Bergsteigerdorf partner companies stand for regionality, quality, alpine competence and environmental awareness. They are companies that embody the values of the mountaineering villages. They provide information about regional peculiarities, natural and cultural offers and mountain sports opportunities. The use of regional products in the kitchen is just as much a part of this as ecological management.

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