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Schlitteln Heuberge
The Praettigau offers various sledging runs on both sides of the valley. In the Grüsch-Danusa ski area, you can sledge until your blades glow; up and down with the special sledge day tickets! Sledges can be rented in many places for a fee. The range extends from the classic "Davoser" to the ultra-modern racing sledge. There are also several sledge builders in the Praettigau. In the winter sports area of the Heuberge, you curve down the valley to Fideris on the 12 km long sledging run, one of the longest in Switzerland.
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Schlitteln Heuberge

Our tip. Sledging fun Fideriser Heuberge

In the Fideriser Heubergen lies with 12 km one of the longest toboggan runs in Switzerland. For information on conditions please consult the winter sports report or call:
081 300 30 70.

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Schlittelweg Fanas

Above the fog. Toboggan run Fanas

Escape the fog with the red Fanas Bähnli and enjoy the sun at the top. The 800 meters of altitude back down is fast on the toboggan run.

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Sledging rules

1. Consideration for others

All sledders* must behave in such a way that they do not endanger or harm others.

2. Adapt speed and driving style to ability

All sledders must ride on sight. Speed and style of sledding must be adapted to skill level, terrain, snow and weather conditions, and traffic density. Sleds must not be tied together when descending. Sleds must not be driven head first.

3. Respect the lane

The sledder coming from behind must choose the lane in such a way that sledders in front are not endangered.

4. Overtake with distance

Overtaking is allowed from the right or from the left, but always at a distance that allows the overtaken sledder enough space for all movements.

5. Vor dem Ein- und Anfahren nach oben blicken

Look up before entering and starting up.

6. Stop at the side

Every sledder must avoid staying in narrow or unclear places without necessity. A fallen sledder must clear the place as soon as possible.

7. Climbing up and down at the side

A sledder ascending or descending from the sled must use the side of the sled run.

8. Observe the signs

Each sledder must observe markings and signaling.

9. Providing help

In case of accidents, every sledder is obliged to render assistance.

10. Specify personal data

Every sledder, whether witness or participant, whether responsible or not, must give personal details in the event of an accident.

*All rules apply equally to everyone, also regardless of the equipment (sled, toboggan, luge, airboard).

Schlittenbauer Peter Egli
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People and stories.

Sledge builder

Peter Egli

There is a farmer in Conters who is also a sledge maker. His name is Peter Egli and he makes really stable, high-quality sledges, with a lot of love for wood and craftsmanship.

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