Ä hübscha Tag.


Alphornbläserinnen am Prättigauer Alp Spektakel
The Walsers who immigrated in the 13th/14th century were the reason why the Romansh spoken in Prättigau until then disappeared more and more.

The typical Walser sch sound is used almost throughout the Prättigau. For example, it is pronounced "schie" instead of sie.

Even the hard pronounced K in Chur German, as in "Khur", becomes a soft Ch. The famous "Khuchikhäschtli" thus becomes "Chuchichäschtli" and so for once people in Prättigau speak like the majority of German-speaking Swiss.

Of course, there are also well-known expressions in Prättigau. Here are a few particularly nice ones:

Däm chalbärät dr Holzschlägel (Schiitstock) uf dr Dilli - he succeeds in everything.
It's like a chicken and a lion - it's one thing and another
Där machät widrm an Grannä wieä ä schissägä Tschutt - He makes again a sour face
Nid gätaan wiä merken - act as if nothing is wrong
Many other dialect expressions, funny and interesting facts can be found in the book "Prättigauer Dialekt - Wörter und Geschichten" ("Prättigau Dialect - Words and Stories"), available from the book printer in Schiers.

Prättigauer Alp Spektakel (Foto: © Graubünden Ferien / Stefan Schlumpf)

How we sound

Here you can listen to how we Prättigauer "sound".