Through winter wonderland.

Winter Hiking

In the Vorder- and Mittelprättigau there are numerous winter hiking trails to discover on both sides of the valley. Whether circular trails, panoramic tours with great views or enjoyable hut tours: you will find a suitable winter hiking route here.


Respecting nature

Go on a voyage of discovery in the fascinating mountain world and collect wonderful winter experiences. And don't forget! On our tours we are visiting the habitat of wild animals and plants. In order for this to continue, respect and consideration are required. Thank you for respecting nature.

Rules for more nature

  • Observe protected areas - here you will find the current game protection areas and game rest zones in Graubünden. The areas to be observed are mentioned in our tours.
  • Evade or wait - this way the wild animals can move away in peace. Don't forget to enjoy the view.
  • Use existing routes and paths - frequently used routes are known to wildlife.
  • Keep dogs on a leash (especially in the forest) - wild animals flee from free-roaming dogs.
  • Avoid twilight times where possible - they like to feed at these times.

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