Enter an event

Events are a reason to travel to a region, but also to experience something special during a stay. We will be happy to add your event to our database.

Here you find the event calendar of the Prättigau 

Furthermore, events will also be posted on the following pages:


Please note:
- Political events are not advertised.
- We make the final decision on publication.
- We only publish with a picture and sufficient data basis.
- The entries are limited to the Prättigau.

The entry should be designed in such a way that as few queries as possible can arise (Where to park? Does it cost anything? When does it start? etc.).

Enter event online

  • Contact us: info@praettigau.info We will be happy to inform you about the possibilities of an individual access to our event database. 

Poster and flyer distribution service

Since May 2017, the posting of cultural and tourist event posters in the valley has been coordinated. The offer is managed by the Prättigau Cultural Office and Prättigau Tourism.

All details and prices can be found in the PDF document.