Trail Rules.

Code of Conduct


... be tolerant and respectful!

  • You let other road users go first
  • Announce yourself early - there is always time for a greeting
  • Reduce your speed when overtaking and crossing or stop
  • Avoid busy stretches of road

... be gentle with what you love!

  • Ride only on paths, trails, routes and designated tracks
  • Riding off existing trails is taboo for you
  • Respect local trail closures and protected areas

... be mindful of wild animals and farm animals!

  • If you encounter an animal, stop and wait until it has retreated
  • Close pasture fences after you have passed them.
  • Avoid herds and guard dogs on foot, calmly and with enough distance.

... don't leave any traces!

  • Don't brake with locked wheels - it hurts the trail and your tires
  • Avoid dirt roads after rain
  • Don't leave trash behind... control your sport equipment!
  • You can always stop on sight
  • Adapt your speed to the situation
  • Plan your tour, estimate your ability and the weather correctly

... be prepared and informed!

  • Wearing a helmet is a matter of course
  • Repair and first aid kit are always with you
  • Rain and heat protection belong to every touring equipment
  • Your bike is roadworthy and for the twilight you have light with you
  • You can call for help in case of emergency: Emergency number 112

Emergency contacts

  • 112 International emergency number
  • 1414 Air Rescue Service

iREGA Notfall App


Platz hat es genug – man muss ihn nur machen.


Das grosse Wegnetz Graubündens steht Wander*innen und Biker*innen fast gleichermassen offen – ein toleranter Umgang vorausgesetzt.