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Mineralwasserpumpe Schanänn

Mineralwasserpumpe Schanänn
Mineralwasserpumpe Schanänn

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Mineralwasserpumpe Schanänn
The Prättigau used to be known for its healing water, its spa culture.


The only thing that remains is bad Serneus with its sulphur water. You may have tasted it, because the spa is located directly on the cycle route that leads from Klosters through Prättigau. The best known, however, was the Bad Fideris, located deep in the Arieschbachtobel. Up to 220 people found shelter there. In 1939, the doors of this well-known spa at home and abroad finally closed and thus 500 years of spa history in Fideris came to an end.

Some time ago, a similar water in the Fideris Station area was accidentally discovered during groundwater drilling. With a hand pump, you can pump up this highly mineralized water from a depth of about 30 meters and taste it. It is in the composition of a similar water, as that of the old Bad Fideris. This is called carbonated sodium iron acid.

interested? The pump is located about 200 meters from Fideris Station, just off the road to Fideris and is surrounded by a wooden fence. But beware, you can expect muscle work, because about 20 times you have to operate the heavy Schwengel until water flows and then about 10 times to get fresh water. But the magnesium-rich water will prevent muscle soreness.

As a Zückerli for this special experience, you will receive a creepy-eerie story about the Schanänn-Jungfrau for free with your mobile phone.


Mineralwasserpumpe Schanänn

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