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His gaze, his voice, his legendary hip swing – Elvis Presley is considered the most successful solo artist of all time with one billion records sold.


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His gaze, his voice, his legendary hip swing – Elvis Presley is considered the most successful solo artist of all time with one billion records sold. The musical, which of course bears his name, has been resurrecting the legend for more than five years now. "ELVIS - The Musical" is a biography about the "King of Rock'n'Roll" peppered with all his great hits. On January 8, 2020, the singer, who died in 1977, would celebrate his 85th birthday. In the same month, the sixth season of the successful show begins, which has already attracted over 500,000 spectators to the concert halls in Germany, Austria and Switzerland since its premiere. The world's most successful solo artist was only 42 years old and has shaped all generations with his music like no other. In order to set a musical monument to the "King", "ELVIS - The Musical" went on tour for the first time in January 2015. The two-and-a-half-hour live spectacle presents Elvis Presley's entire musical repertoire – from gospel to blues to unrestrained rock'n'roll – and impressively reviews his life in selected highlights. Emotional, powerful and captivating: With "ELVIS - The Musical", the audience goes on a unique journey through time and can experience the idol of an entire generation live at various stages of his life. Elaborate choreographies, game scenes and original film sequences lead through the most important stages in Elvis' life. First-class singers, actors, showgirls and the seven-member "Las Vegas Showband" create an unforgettable music experience. "ELVIS - The Musical" has with Grahame Patrick the world's "best Elvis actor since Elvis" in its ranks – and of course the big hits are interpreted live: From "Love Me Tender" to "Jailhouse Rock" to "Suspicious Minds". In addition to the outstanding protagonists, "ELVIS - DasMusical" also acquires its uniqueness through the integration of real contemporary witnesses and companions. Ed Enoch, director of the legendary "The Stamps Quartet", was on stage with Elvis at over 1,000 concerts from 1971 to 1977. Also during the upcoming tour he will support the show with his "Stamps". Contributors: Elvis - The Musical Information: Due to the current events related to the coronavirus (COVID-19), various events have unfortunately to be cancelled or postponed for safety reasons. The tickets you book remain valid for the postponement date and/or a new venue and cannot be returned. If you have taken out ticket protection insurance and are prevented from taking out insurance on the new date for reasons that have already been known and insured in advance, you will receive a refund of the ticket price. To do so, please contact our insurance partner directly [ https://erv.ch/de/service/schadenfall ], stating the reason for the prevention. If you have not taken out ticket protection insurance with us, check whether one of your other insurances (e.B. travel or household contents insurance) covers the loss or sell your tickets via ticketcorner's secure resale platform fanSALE [ www.fansale.ch ]. Do not return tickets from postponed events, as you will no longer be able to resell them and will no longer be able to access the event. displacement: Basel, Musical Theatre: previously: Fr. March 20, 2020 & April 14, 2021 new: Sun. 20 March 2022 Landquart, Forum im Ried: previously: Sat. March 27, 2020 & April 02, 2021 new: FR. 1 April 2022 Singen (DE) ,Stadthalle: so far: Sun. March 22, 2020 & April 9, 2021 new: Sat. 19 March 2022 Wil SG, Stadtsaal: previously: Mon. March 23, 2020 & April 18, 2021 new: Fri. 25 March 2022 Amriswil TG, Pentorama: previously: Wed. March 25, 2020 & April 7, 2021 new: Wed. March 30, 2022 Winterthur, Parkarena Congress Centre: previously: Thu. March 26, 2020 & April 8, 2021 new: Sat. April 2, 2022 Landquart, Forum im Ried: previously: Fri. March 21, 2020 & April 3, 2021 new: Sat. April 9, 2022 Bern, Kursaal Arena: previously Sat. March 28, 2020 & March 31, 2021 new: Sat. 26 March 2022 Bern, Kursaal Arena: previously Sun. March 29, 2020 & April 1, 2021 new: Sun. 27 March 2022 Gossau SG, Fürstenlandsaal: previously: April 1, 2020 & April 10, 2021 new: Thu. 31.03.2022 Zurich, Volkshaus: previously: April 2, 2020 & April 15, 2021 new: Thu. April 7, 2022 Zurich, Volkshaus: previously: Fri. April 3, 2020 & Fr. April 16, 2021 new: Fri. 8 April 2022 Suhr AG, Bärenmatte Cultural Centre: previously: Sat. April 4, 2020 & April 4, 2021 new: Sun. April 3, 2022 Hochdorf LU, Braui Cultural Centre: so far: Sun. April 5, 2020 & April 11, 2021 new: Sun. April 10, 2022 The tickets you book remain valid for the new date and cannot be returned.


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