Reinhold Messner - Nanga Parbat - my mountain of fate

Reinhold Messner "Nanga Parbat – my mountain of fate" Hardly any other mountain has fame and tragedy as close together as the 8,125 m high Nanga Parbat.


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Forum im Ried

Reinhold Messner "Nanga Parbat – my mountain of fate" Hardly any other mountain has fame and tragedy as close together as the 8,125 m high Nanga Parbat. Reinhold Messner combines both like no other. Accompanied by never-before-seen pictures and films, Messner's live lecture spans the arc from all the alpinists who have made history at Nanga Parbat to his own moving and exciting story. He tells of Albert Mummery, the best mountaineer of his time, who disappears in 1895 during the transition from the Diamir to the Rakhiot side, of the unforgettable Willo Welzenbach, called "Ice Pope", who dies in 1934 – last excluded – with eight men in a snowstorm; by Hermann Buhl, who in 1953 against the order of the expedition leader alone and was the first to reach the summit – a great moment of alpinism! How good 50 years later, when Steve House masters the Rupalwand directly in a two-man rope team. Finally, he talks about his own fateful expedition from 1970, which has shaped his life to this day. After the successful ascent of the highest steep wall on earth – the Rupalwand, by the Messner brothers, tragedy occurs in the descent. Having fallen ill at altitude, Günther can't go back to the bivouac. A crash would be certain. So Reinhold leads him through the 4000 meter high Diamir flank despite avalanche danger, pathlessness and despair to the foot of the wall, where an ice avalanche buries Günther, while Reinhold is ahead to look for a way out of the danger zone. Unable to find his brother, he drags himself downhill for days; with frozen hands and feet, without food in a deserted area. Closer to death than to life, thanks to three lumberjacks carrying him down the valley, he comes across his expedition crew, which is on its way home. Eight years later, with the first solo effort of an eight-thousander on the Diamir wall, he succeeds in the brilliant performance of his life. Although an earthquake shakes the mountain and then a weather fall keeps the solo goer in the death zone for 48 hours. After hell, he touched heaven on his personal mountain of fate. Contributors: Reinhold Messner Information: The booked tickets remain valid for the postponement date and cannot be returned. When taking out ticket insurance, the ticket price will be refunded by the insurance partner in justified cases. Tickets can also be resold via the Ticketcorner resale platform fanSALE if they are prevented from doing so.


Forum im Ried

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