Cultural Commission Prättigau

The cultural commission is responsible for promoting culture on behalf of the Prättigau communities. It primarily supports cultural offerings that originate in the region or are supported by people in the Prättigau.

These include:

  • Events (anniversaries, festivals or similar) with a traditional character.
  • Cultural products that show the Prättigau in its current distinctive character, whether in the form of media (books, films, music recordings, etc.) or in the form of events (guided tours, exhibitions, theater, concerts, etc.), in short: all cultural products in the sense of the UNESCO definition of culture.

In its broadest sense, culture can be viewed as the totality of the unique spiritual, material, intellectual, and emotional aspects that characterize a society or social group. This includes not only art and literature, but also ways of life, basic human rights, value systems, traditions, and beliefs. - UNESCO, 1982

Heini Hagmann
President Cultural Commission Prättigau
Heini Hagmann

since 2007, President since 2009
resident in Schiers since 1989

Studies in Bern and Fribourg, taught German, History and Economics & Law at the Protestant Secondary School. Member of the board and the program commission of SRG Ostschweiz 1994-2011. member of the board of trustees of Kulturhaus Rosengarten since 2009. editor and publisher of the dictionary "Prättigauer Dialekt" 2014. collaboration in the art project "Heinzenkapelle" in St. Antönien 2016 -2021.

Sara Smidt Bill
Member of the cultural commission
Sara Smidt Bill

since 2009

resident in Jenaz since 2007

Studied art history, graduated from the Museum and Exhibition Didactics course at the University of Vienna, MAS in Business Administration and Marketing at the University of Basel, "Fundraising for Museums" course at the University of Fribourg, Certificate in Applied Coaching at Coaching plus Kloten. Lecturer, e.g. CAS Museum Work at HTW Chur, Bern University of the Arts. 15 years head of art education at the Kunstmuseum Thun, since 2020 at the Kirchner Museum Davos. Owner of the company Museum - Consulting Seminars Coaching. 

Hedi Senteler
Member of the cultural commission
Hedi Senteler

since 2015
Resident in Conters since 2008

Since 1992 sole proprietorship Works by Hedi Senteler Representing (management, coaching and representation of international advertising and art photographers). Board member Friends of Zurich Ballet from 2002-2013 and responsible for marketing and events. Project management and curation of the artists-in-residence program in 2016 in Conters and 2018 in Partnun St. Antönien (municipality of Luzein).

Christof Hegi
Member of the cultural commission
Christof Hegi

since 2017
Resident in Saas since 1997

Educator, psychologist, special educator. Conceptual designer, (IT) project manager, editor in the field of vocational, study and career guidance. Organizer of jazz concerts in the Kulturschuppen Klosters, board member and webmaster of the Kulturgesellschaft Klosters since 2005. Various IT projects in the regional cultural sector. Initiator, curator and organizer of the TASTENTAGE KLOSTERS.

Christian Kasper
Member of the cultural commission
Christian Kasper

since 2019

Resident in Buchen (Luzein) since 1959.

Committed to the region since 2010 as FDP Grand Councillor of the Luzein district. Since 2012 president of the municipality of Luzein, where he is in charge of the departments of education and finance after the merger with St. Antönien (2016).

President of the Board of Trustees of the Flury Foundation and member of the Advisory Board of Bergsport/Outdoor Prättigau.
School board member of the Prättigau Music School.
Member of the core team "International Nature Park Rätikon".
President of the Prättigau Land Registry.
Board member of the Graubünden School Board Association SBGR.

Member of the core team of the International Nature Park Rätikon.

President Land Registry 

Applications to the Cultural Commission

Please send to

President of the Cultural commission 
Heini Hagmann
Schwelliweg 23
7220 Schiers
(if possible in electronic form)

Criteria for support grants

In this PDF (German) you will find the criteria for the awarding of support contributions  and a sample budget template: 

Support contributions 2016 - 2020

Which projects were submitted to the Cultural Commission Prättigau in the last three years, which ones were supported and how: