From Schanfigg over into Prättigau (Langwies - Conters)

16.7 km
5:35 h
806 mhd
1025 mhd
Herrliche Blumenwiese im Schanfigg
Das feine, kleine Bergdrof Conters

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Die Kirche von Langwies
Technique 3/6
Fitness 3/6
Highest Point  2125 m
Lowest Point  1121 m
Best Season
Starting point is Langwies
Destination is Conters
46.819597, 9.70726



From the station Langwies (with the famous viaduct of Langwies) you follow the signpost to 'Durannapass'. At first a steep path leads youo up to the village on a narrow track above the church and parallel along the street to a car park. You get to 'Sapüner' bridge, a beautiful old timber construction where you turn off left.

A terribly romantic path through the gorge along the brook leads you uphill.Soon you can see an enormous waterfall. After about an hour the gorge broadens and offers inviting places to have a picnic. Later on you walk up steeply to the gravel road which, in winter, is used as a ski-run. Rising steadily you reach the small ancient mountain-village' Strassberg' and the mountain lodge 'Strassberg' where they also offer accommodation.

You walk on in the direction of 'Durannapass'. Before and after the top of the pass the trail leads through marshy soil. There are meadows full of gentians. On the top of Durannapass it is worth to make a detour to the idyllic lake 'Grünsee'. The top of the pass is a real crossroad: to the left you get to the 'Strassberger Fürggli' and further to 'Fideriser Heubergen; to the right you get to the region of Parsenn and to 'Gotschnagrat' (cable railway to Klosters).

Walking straight forward you get to 'Conters/Küblis'. In front of the alpine lodge 'Duranna Obersäss' you walk downhill on the gravel road. A bit further down of 'Untersäss' 1868 m where you see the brook you follow the signpost 'Conterser Schwendi/Conters' to the right (the road to Conters over 'Plandagorz' is less attractive but the old footpath across forest and moor is not maintained any more.) You go past several  alpine sheds like 'Conterser Schwendi', 'Rongg', 'Stäfischwendi' and 'Wisli' and finally along the brook 'Wissbach' down to Coners.


Langwies Station 1317 metres above sea-level - Langwies Village 1377 m - Jäger café and car park 1420 m - Sapüner Bridge 1425 m - Stutz 1745 m - Inn Strassberg 1919 m - Sattel - Durannapass 2117 m - Duranna Obersäss 2053 m - 1868 m Conterser Schwendi 1682 m Stäfischwendi 1467 m - Conters 1110 m


Public Transport

By international fast trains Intercity to Chur, from there by RhB in 50 minutes to Langwies (timetable-entry 930)

Anreise Information

From Chur you drive in the direction of Arosa. It takes about 40 minutes to get to Langwies, 21 kilometres, 326 curves and 784 metres driving uphill.


There is a signalled public car park near the disposal site ('Deponie'). From the centre of the village Langwies it is about 200 metres in the direction of Arose on the right-hand side.

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