Via Ferrata Sulzfluh, St. Antönien

11.1 km
6:40 h
1196 mhd
1195 mhd
Klettersteig Sulzfluh
Übersicht Klettersteige St. Antönien

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Klettersteig Sulzfluh - Zustieg von Partnun
The first Via ferrata of Grisons was built in 2005 right at the back of the valley of St Antoenien across the southern rock face of Sulzfluh. The alpine route is convincing by its contact with the rock and requires a excellent condition.
Technique /6
Fitness 5/6
Highest Point  2817 m
Lowest Point  1621 m
Best Season
Starting Point St Antoenien Partnun
Destination St Antoenien Partnun
46.988677, 9.848739



From the car park P6 it takes about 1,5 hours to get to the starting climbing point. You can follow the signs of the trail in the direction of the the climbing track. You go past the guest house Sulzfluh towards the lodge Carschina and a path branches off to the right before you get to the lodge Carschina. A path in a scree slope leads you to the entry of the climbing path which is marked with the letter E (in red) and a white slab.

In the lower part there is terraced rock with several short steep passages. Almost at the beginning of the route you will find the ladder to surmount the 'entrance face'. This is a first little challenge and gives the climbler the opportunity to check his/her self-assessment. Afterwards you will get to the 'Obelix-crossing' and up to the start of the ramp. From here on there will  be no further possibility to drop out !

After climbing through the 'ramp' you will reach the 'Geissrücken' (back of a goat) and finally the 'Bänkli' (small bench). This is the halfway point of the route. Now follows a longer crossing of a kind of grass belt, before the second and steeper part starts with the entry to 'Panoramica'. The crosspaths in the practically vertical parts are particularly impressive. It is fascinating to look down into the depths. The crossing of the 'Deichmann-path' is requesting one's balance. After an entry into the book (Wandbuch) the route goes on until you finally reach the entry to 'The Wailing Wall'. This phyisically extremely strenuous part of the route leads to a short 'bridge' which guides you to the 'wall of the peak'. Congratulations - you've made it !

After a contribution to the cashbox for the maintenance, it only takes a few minutes to reach the cross on the summit of Sulzfluh at a height of 2817 metres. A marvellous panoramic view, deserved by physical strain. - Who knows them all, the valleys, the ridges, the peaks .......

 Descent (all the descent routes are marked mountain tracks):

a) via 'Gemstobel' to Partnun

b) via 'Karrenfelder' to Tilisuna guest-house

c) via 'Rachen' to Lindauer guest-house

From the car park P6 it takes about 1,5 hours to get to the starting point. It is best to follow the signs of the foot path in the direction of the climbing track. You pass the mountain hut Sulzfluh in the direction of the hut Carschina. Before you get to Carschina


To make a stop at the lodge Carschina is a must - it is amazing to taste all the delicacy that comes out of their stove !!


In general we recommend to book a qualified mountain guide to climb the Sulzfluh on this climbing track.

Use this climbing path only with the required experience.

To guarantee a safe tour it is required to be in good condition, be in command of your steps as well as to be able to stand heights.

A settled spell of weather is a must. In case of thunderstorm this tour can be highly dangerous. Do not produce any rockfall.

Show respect towards flora and fauna. Do not leave any litter. Every tour is carried out at one's own risk.


Useful and effective equipment is obligatory. A belt to rope yourself, crampon set, helmet in case of rockfall, excellent footwear, suitable clothes as well as gloves are imperative.


Public Transport

Official means of transport: By railway RhB to Schiers or Kublis and by post-office van to St Antoenien (timetable-entry 90.214 or 90.222)

Anreise Information

Access road A 13 to Landquart and B 28 to Kublis, then within the village to the left across the level in direction of Pany, Luzein, St Antoenien.


In St Antoenien all the parking spaces are liable to pay costs. The last Parking Space P6 is situated below 'Partnunstafel' about 3,5 km outside St Antoenien. The car park below the guest-houses is reserved for the resident guests.

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